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5 axis CNC

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5 axis CNC Routers

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Cheap and middle cost 5 axis CNC machines and routers is the ideal choice for small companies:
for Complete 3-D surfacing and sculpting
manufacturing armchairs, sofas, complicated furniture,
construction details, architecture elements.
Making prototypes and samples.
Producing large 5-axis milled patterns, molds, plugs, and tooling.
Use for boat building industry, marine, transportation and aerospace applications.

Five Axis machining refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move a part or tool on 5 different axes simultaneously.

Standard 3 axis CNC machines can move a part in two X-Y directions and the tool axis Z up and down.

By adding two more B-C rotate axes, every possible position and angle on a part can be attained.


- Complex Shapes such as sculptures or turbines  cannot be made any other way.

- More Precise: details can be machined on 5 sides without removing it from the CNC machine. This very increases the precision of the part and removes alignment errors introduced when the part is re-fixtured in another orientation.

- More Efficient: most or all of the machining work is done in a single setup, there are no delays in waiting for an operator to load and unload a detail.